Network stability


Had this iotawatt for about 8 months now and I’ve had issues with it since very early on. Initially it connects to the network, works perfectly for a week or two and then drops the network. Sometimes a restart will reconnect it, sometimes its needed to be completely reset. This problem just seems to have got worse as time goes on. It will rarely stay on the wifi for more than a couple of days, and a reboot no longer resolves, i haven’t factory reset recently because it just doesn’t feel worth the effort on this device anymore.

I bought a wifi extender specifically for this device, doesn’t seem to have made any difference, its located about 3 metres from the extender and 5-6 from the actual wap. I don’t have these problems with any of the other iot devices I have.

I got no response on my last post on this, has anyone seen similar issues? Have I got a dud unit or somehow an incompatible layout for this device?

Can you download the message log at /IoTaWatt/iotamsgs.txt and upload it to me in a private message?