New 200A CT - ECS24200

I’ve received a shipment of new CTs for US mains. I have some really nice clamp on CTs, but needed a CT that was UL recognized to offer with the IoTaWatt certified to UL standards. This split core CT has a 24mm opening (~1") and should fit on just about any service cable. There are tabs to wire tie it to the cable if need be. Like all of the other Echun CTs that I’m sourcing, they have protection diodes, 1.5 meter cord, and 3.5mm jack.

I’ve tested the phase shift and it’s about 0.3°, which is phenomenal. I typically only see that low a shift in solid core CT. Linearity is good, even at the low end. These have 4000 turns, so a better range than the 6000 turn SCT019.

Here it is pictured beside an SCT013 and a wattcore WC1, both of which are only good for 100A and have a smaller openings. Price will be around $22 each.