New 200A panel & order - Confirming CT's and greetings from Canada!

Hi everyone, greetings from the north!

Getting a new 200A panel installed and a generator hookup. I was going to place an order in haste, but figured, what the hell I might as well post here first just to say hi and talk about my setup.

My main monitoring interest was whole home for obvious reasons - our utility actually allows you to see comsumption hourly as of the previous day, which is actually pretty great, but have to login to website, scroll through lots of pages, etc…having instantanous/local data is far better for me. Also, with a whole home generator hookup I want to be able to manage the load inside the house if/when it’s in use. Even the ability to check on each split phase is super helpful in terms of balancing out the generator load.

Secondarily, I was thinking while we’re getting a panel changed, might as well just throw CT’s on as many circuits as possible. Aside from a few 20A circuits (kitchen, bathroom, some branch circuits wired with 12 AWG wire), we also have an air source heat pump (240V, 30A). No other large electronics, the major stuff (range/dryer/hot water heater) is all gas.

Anywho, my plan is to go with 2 x AccuCT 200A and 5 x AccuCT 50A on my unit order, then probably fill up the remaining inputs with 7 x SCT-013-000 (100A, 50mV) as they seem to be the best 3rd party option and readily available. We won’t be drawing anywhere near 200A on either split phase for a long time, but have lots of long term future plans (electric car charger, heat pump hot water heater, more heat pumps, wall oven, possibly induction range).

Planning to use the AccuCT 50A and SCT-013-000’s on 15/20A branch circuits, also have a garage sub-panel on a 40A breaker to the main so I suppose either CT will work if we want to monitor that. Really what I’m wanting to know is should I be going for another CT option out there (and what can I find that’s reasonably priced and ships to Canada) - the 50/100A CT’s instinctively seem too large for 15/20A branch circuits with relatively few loads, but all I’ve read so far indicates they’ll work fine.

Thanks in advance!

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Okay, pretty much going with what I mentioned yesterday, seems like the aforementioned CT’s will do a fine job. This comment from overeasy pretty much sealed it :slight_smile: