New core seems to improve heap issues

It’s still pretty early to tell, but I track heap usage in two IoTaWatt in my home and it looks as if the issues with heap degradation and passwords are gone with release 02_05_04. Other heap leakage that I have long suspected occurred with WiFi issues also may be gone. If that’s the case, I would attribute it to the new core.

Here is the heap from my two units over the last two days:

The “home” unit uses passwords, and was logged into multiple times over that period. Where you see it drop slightly for long stretches, a status display was updating every second. The plot is 10 second heap averages.

Contrast that with a stretch two weeks ago under 02_05_03 with the old core:

You can see steady decline in the “home” system. There is one 1/2K drop in the “main” unit without passwords, but note that there is some funky activity in the “home” unit at that time and it also loses heap at the end of the episode.

I’m feeling pretty confident about this new release and want to promote it to other auto-update classes as soon as practical. There have been no reports of problems from ALPHA users.