New IotaWatt Unit Problems - Flashing Green LED

Hey all!

My IotaWatt unit came today in the mail and I was super excited to try it out. I hooked everything up and when I plugged it in I just saw a blinking green LED.

I searched for the “iotawatt” network on my devices so I could connect to it, but I found none. Only an “AI-Thinker” network was being exposed.

Upon connecting to that network, I could not access anything - always results in a “Connection refused” error.

I opened up the unit and took out the SD card to plug it in my computer… it was empty. I was so confused and saw some topics here that indicated it should carry the “SD” directory contents from the GitHub repo. I copied those files over and re-plugged it in with no difference. I still only get a flashing green LED.

I’m out of options on what to try now. Any further help would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve responded to your email. The unit was not flashed. You can cause it to flash itself by setting up a WiFi hotspot with SSID iotawifi and password IoTaWatt. The network must have internet access. You can do this with your phone.

The process takes less than a minute. You will see a variety of led flashes, mostly RGRG…. Eventually settling down to RGG indicating it is finished and ready to connect to WiFi as per the installation docs.