"New" IoTaWatt with initial password issue

Brand new here, have been in Home Assistant awhile, openHAB before that.

Following the setup procedure to a T with a model W14 v5.1, and it tells me the standard starting password is incorrect.

Is there a different password now that should be used to setup WiFi the first time out? It started out red green red, then after many tries with both phone and laptop, showed red green green, which the troubleshooting guide says means the wifi has not yet been set up correctly.

After a wait of several minutes (and still the same hours later), shows red red green, and since I never got to the point of entering the information for my network to begin with, is a puzzling state.

What is the fix for this?

A message popped up above my request above noting SDcard Issues GRR and GRRG, though my situation does not appear to be related, since none of the LED color sequences match.

The password is IoTaWatt and is case sensitive. Is that what you are using? You should power cycle to get RGG before trying again.

Yes, IoTaWatt was the password I used. Las night I power cycled it twice just to see if that made a difference, though there was no change.

Today I power cycled it 5 times with no change, then left it for an hour. Upon return, it now shows red red green, so I’ve unmounted it, opened it up, and plugged in the microSD card to my laptop.

I see a number of files in the top directory that relate to configuration and .htm, .js, etc for configuring the IoTaWatt.
under iotawatt directory, there is one file: iotamsgs.txt, updated Dec 2097

There are a number of entries in that txt document like this one;

** Restart **

SD initialized.
Real Time Clock not running.
Reset reason: Power On
Trace: 160:191[116], 213:187[226], 192:24[222], 246:160[79], 161:9[73], 193:126[192], 222:81[78], 96:20[18], 48:219[161], 192:174[159], 191:217[163], 15:110[200], 156:255[143], 54:241[61], 177:114[255], 37:133[13], 147:217[169], 242:131[102], 30:74[71], 183:64[132], 97:12[162], 207:23[131], 154:173[93], 182:83[6], 0:204[22], 132:192[67], 171:206[206], 4:20[6], 167:188[248], 68:198[58], 9:20[214], 198:25[93]
ESP8266 ID: 14660509, RTC PCF8523 (68)
IoTaWatt 5.0, Firmware version 02_07_05
SPIFFS mounted.
Local time zone: +0:00
device name: IotaWatt
Connecting with WiFiManager.
RTC not running, waiting for WiFi.
RTC not running, waiting for WiFi.
RTC not running, waiting for WiFi.
RTC not running, waiting for WiFi.
RTC not running, waiting for WiFi.

Since I can read the card, the troubleshooting guide says “probably the IoTaWatt SD card socket and the device will need to be replaced”.

Please let me know the next steps to move the above process forward.

Sorry spellcheck on my phone changed the password that I typed. It’s IotaWatt (cap I and W only) as in the docs here.

It’s not your SD card, as you noted the symptom doesn’t match. It’s the “streetlight effect”.

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Great, that did the trick.