New Panel! What do I need?

I had posted here a few months ago looking to see what I need, fast forward a few months and I had my panel replaced with a new 200A panel, removed some unused 50A circuits, and had AC installed.

So I’m thinking I need-

two 200A CTs for the Mains
two 100A CTs for the 100A In Law Apt (top right)

The double 15A (top left) is my Well Pump (50A?)
The double 15A (bottom right) is my air blower (50A?)
The double 30A (bottom right and below the blower) is my AC Compressor (50A?)

So I think I need
2 200A CTs
2 100A CTs
6 50A Cts

Sound about right?

The well pump, AC, and air handler appear to be two-wire so each needs only one 50A.


And what’s the difference between the split core and clamp on ?

Technically, they are both split-core. The clamp on open and closes with a spring and can be installed more safely with one hand.