New purchase - confirming correct order

HI All,

Looking to purchase a system, but would just like to confirm my thoughts on order before i buy the bundle

Australian bundle.
3 phase incoming, 100amp fuses - So will need 3x CT100A, plus another 3x CT50A to measure outgoing of meter, instead of measuring individual circuits
3 phase solar, so need 3x CT50A - Assuming this measure what panels produce?
To measure what solar generates back to grid, assume i need another CT50A?
AC circuit - 1x CT50A
Does this sound about right?

Without a line drawing of your setup, I can’t be definitive, but if what you want to measure is import, export and generation, you can probably just monitor the three mains (100A) and the three inverter feeds.(50A). Monitoring of additional circuits will require appropriate CTs.

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I have checked my panel again and I think for the sake of a few extra ct’s, I will monitor each circuit.
Is there any problems in combining 3 circuits into 1 CT?
This is my panel, which if I’m right I can do the following:
3x 100A incoming Mains
3x 50A solar
1x 50A for 3x power circuits
1x 50A for 3x lighting circuits
And a 50A for each of the other circuits (exc. Spare)
So 14 in total!

They must be all the same phase.

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Better double check that