New purchase, setup question

I just received the IoTaWatt device, and it is awesome, configuration was really clear. I am just wondering a few things since I topped about 9,000 W on my two mains (18,000 W total?) while my heating was on. Do you find it normal? It is my first time monitoring energy, and I would appreciate if anyone could take a moment checking my installation.

Panel: 120/240 Split phase (North America, Canada)

CTs used: 2x200 amp (AccuCT-H100-200)

Both main_1 and main_2 are getting an average power flow of .99

Both are installed respecting the current flow but main_1 is virtually reversed (As required by the software)

Heating circuit breaker: 100 AMP

Data when heating is on:

Thank you in advance!

That looks correct. The nameplate shows the electric boiler draws 15 kW total. Your plot shows it using about 7.5 kW per leg,

I recommend using Graph+ rather than the older classic graph tool.

Thanks for the quick reply! If i want to monitor that circuit (pic#2), do I need 100 AMP CTs or two 50 AMP would work?

Also I got a hubbub requiring 50 AMP and installed on a 60 AMP breaker, two 50s?

Thank you!!

The circuit draws 65 Amps, so 100Amp CTs would be appropriate.

50s would be fine for that.

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