New Setup - Aus - Single Phase with Solar - Australia


I’m having a solar system installed at my house in the suburbs of Melbourne, 5kw Inverter, Goodwe MS GW5000-MS, 6.6Kw panels, in 3 string config.

I just looking to confirm what I need for my Aussie bundle order. I’m assuming the following based on my switch board, so I can monitor all circuits.

1 x IoTaWatt Standard Base V5
1 x AccuCT 100A x 16mm split-core
5 x AccuCT 50A x 10mm split-core (circuits: inverter, aircon, protected light, power, protected power)

And locally I will need to acquire a USB power supply and something like this for the VT:

Can someone confirm is this is correct or if I should consider something else?

Looks like the right number if bits. I’m surprised to see a board with so few breakers here in Aus.

My Iotawatt has been running flawlessly for 3 years. On of the great features is if the wifi/net fails, the IW just keeps on logging and once the connection comes up, the logging ( to my own Emoncms cloud server) just picks up from where the net stopped.

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As an update, I ordered the bundle as descried above, went with the UPS saver option and received the package here in Melbourne in 5 days.

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