New Setup - Password Issue

Hi, I wonder if you could help me with a password issue.

I have just purchased a IotaWatt V5.0 and during the initial setup I decided to setup a password.

I entered in the new password: ehxxxxxx0895xxx hit enter. It was accepted. Tried to continue with setup. However, I was then asked to enter:-


I never setup a user name - so entered: IotaWatt
Then my password as above (15) characters

Nothing, just keeps asking for me to sign in.

Since then I have not been able to login to continue setup.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Kind regards


Silly me. I have solved this. After spending hours I eventually tried admin + password.

It is not clear from the install notes that this is required.

Perhaps, the instructions could be updated.


This is one of those things that I have been remiss in documenting. The username is always “admin”.

Aside, that is a long password. Unless you have a password manager filling it in your browser, you will probably find it should be shorter.

Hi, I appreciate your quick response.

I do in fact use a password manager.

I have now successfully setup my IotaWatt unit. However, could you explain why my PF keeps flickering on and off every second causing my display to constantly jump up and down for some items.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Kind regards


I think you are asking about power-factor displayed in the inputs status display. The background is that at very low power, PF starts to be of little use, so there is a threshold of 60Watts below which the PF is not displayed. It is not usually a problem but starts to cause issues when a user has long names on the inputs, causing the PF to force a new line.

Hi, thanks again for the quick response.

I made some of the input descriptions shorter and this has cured the problem.

One final question - if you could point me in the right direction - How would I go about adding options to enable me to have £ Electricity Costs in Real Time.

Total £ costs for hourly usage, daily usage, weekly usage, monthly usage etc.

Could this be added to the internal code - or can these features be implemented using the web server add-ons?

Best regards


I’m going to leave this to others that may be using influx or Emoncms to do this, or Home Assistant if it can do that.

Tariffs are complicated, especially with Solar. There is time-of-use and other factors. IoTaWatt is used in more than 60 countries. Just the variation in currency is overwhelming, so IoTaWatt can produce the necessary kWh data, I’ll leave it to others to replicate local Tariffs using that data. Safe to say reducing kWh will reduce the bill.