New Stuff Shop coming soon

The current store hosted by Shopify has been restrictive and slow. So I’ve been working on switching over to a WooCommerce (wordpress) store hosted directly out of Not sure how it’s going to go, and I do expect some startup pains, but overall it should offer an “easier shopping experience” as they say and should be a big improvement in terms of administration.

I’m able to put together targeted bundles and to discount a broad range of accessories with an IoTaWatt purchase. Shipping will change as well.

Today I’m bringing the domain up under Cloudflare, which is a global caching service. Given that IoTaWatt customers are all over the world, I am hoping that this will make the upgrade process quicker and smoother as well as make the Stuff store more uniformly responsive. Some other benefits are that the site can act as a CDN to provision supporting code.

Expect to see the new store within a few days.


It looks like there are some niggles to sort out.
I placed an order and when paying via Paypal the process bombed out trying to link back to an IoTaWatt page due to an untrusted Dreamhost cert ( being issued.

Now when I open it keeps returning the untrusted Dreamhost certificate.

Hmmmm. I’m not seeing a recent PayPal payment that should be outside of these changes. The new store should not be up yet. Could you post a screenshot of the error you get when trying to access It’s working here.

I’m seeing an incomplete shopping cart recent. Are the initials PS?

Yes, that’s my order.
I just refreshed and the certificate has changed back to a Let’s Encrypt issued cert.
Looks like it’s intermittent.

Here is a screenshot.

Are you in South Africa?

I found something.
I was getting the error when resolved to

It works fine when resolves to

Yes, I’m connecting from South Africa.

This may have something to do with the Cloudflare cache. There are DNS changes that perhaps have not propagated to far flung places. Do you have a VPN service you could try that puts you in the USA or Europe?

I’ve tried to use my VPN to go to South Africa but it will not connect. I see several SA sessions in the store today, but no PayPal payments or completed purchase. Did you get an acknowledgement from the store or PayPal?

Fixed after deleting DNS caching on local host and upstream proxy servers.
So much for some vendors honouring DNS TTLs … :neutral_face:

Thanks for the follow up. The whole thing is getting pretty complex now with Cloudflare. I got your order and payment. Will go out today, thanks.

The old store is closed. New store should become available as DNS records propagate. Fingers crossed!

Does the new North American bundle come with any CTs? There are two different pictures for the bundle, which show one with 2x clamp style and one with 2x split-core.

The basic bundle has no CTs. That’s because I wanted to give the option of the clamps (which are new) or split-core. So you choose either type and the price will end up about the same as the old NA bundle. Where it differs after that is that all of the additional CTs are discounted, so it’s not just a sixpack or nothing.

Got it, thanks!

Also, the listings under the NA bundle have “Current Transformer 200A Clamp-on x2 optional - Add for $19.55/pc” or “Current Transformer 200A Split-core x2 optional - Add for $17.85/pc”

Does this mean each piece comes with 2 CTs?

Say I wanted to order 4x 200A CTs - the webpage only lets me add 1 set of those, whereas the 50A/100A has a number field to add as many as I would want.

Right, the price is each, and you must add 2. The total appears right away. The bundle is limited to just two. These are expensive CTs and not willing to subsidize quantities at the bundle price. The way it’s structured, you could order 2 of each type for a total of four. That’s not the intention - but you can do it.

Hello Bob,

satisfied with first piece of Iotawatt - great tool !
please,let me know :

  • i m from Romania, hope that you know already, i want to buy new Iotawat; i can pay only by bank transfer. Help me to find a solution to can buy it.
  • please, let me know also if the actual hardware that is in shop is the new version with 3 VT input or not.
    let me know the solution for buying second Iotawatt, simple without any harware around: VT, CT …

laurentiu pitran

Hi @laurentiu

Payment is only by PayPal. Other methods do not provide buyer/seller protection and bank transfer has very high fees both ends.

From the Stuff shop units are V4.8 without direct three-phase. Enclosures will arrive in 1-2 weeks. Right now I can put a V5 board in a V4.8 enclosure by cutting openings for the new jacks. Just note that you need V5 on your order.

please, can we talk on e-mail ?

YOu can use private message here in the forum. Just click my avatar and press message.