New to iotawatt, what to buy?


I am looking into something to monitor power usage in our house and came across iotawatt and am looking for help in what I would need for my setup.
I live in Sydney/Australia and have a 3 phase connection from the street.
When the house was built I believe 3 phase was required as we have a 3phase ducted AC system.

I also have 2 separate solar installs which I believe are single phase systems, the first is a nearly 10 year old 1.6kw system on our north roof and the 2nd is a 3 year old 3kw system on our western facing roof.
We also have electric of peak hot water running on controlled load (11pm to 6am)

Ideally I would like to monitor whole house consumption and solar generation to get a idea what we are using and where what we generate is going.

I am assuming an aussie bundle with a number of CT’s?
Is there any guidance in determining if I need 50A or 100A CT’s?
And lastly what is current postage times like to Australia?

My brother-in-law is a licensed electrician who I’ll get to help with the install and I am hoping I can install the unit directly on the wall behind the meter box so as not to need anything weatherproof. The meter box is on the outside of our garage and the solar inverters we have are installed on the wall directly behind inside the garage.

Thanks Mark
Meter box picture if it helps below if it helps


100A for mains. 50A other circuits

3-4 weeks for flat rate, about a week UPS.