New unit - worked for 24 hours - now RED RED RED

I set up my new unit last night, and it stopped responding in less than 24 hours. The unit is flashing red red red. It enters this same mode on power-up as soon as I try to access the unit or plug in the 9vac ref voltage.

Unless there is a 5 min fix - please send me a new unit, and I’ll send this one back. Order #127875


I can’t fix it in five minutes. The apparent problem is that the datalog cannot be opened. That is probably an SDcard issue. It’s pretty rare these days but, while different, there have been some issues with the latest batch of cards.

You are only two days away so I’ll PM a return label. If it’s the SDcard, I’ll replace and test. If it’s something else, I’ll replace it and test. Should turn around in a day.

Sorry for the disappointment.

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That’s fine. I understand that stuff happens that is sometimes out of our control. It’s the reaction to these situations the counts.

Let’s work through it.

I can send the unit back to you today if you get that label to me ASAP.


I have a CT order in with you right now. I can buy other base unit and you could send that to me with no cables and power supplies. You can credit me when you get the defective unit back.

Let me know.


I received the return label -
Thanks for the quick response!!