New user - Are these the components I need?

I’m looking to monitor power consumption of three circuits. And would like to verify I’m getting the right components for what I need before placing my order. This is my panel:

  • 2 x 20A breakers
  • 1 x 15A breaker (in a tandem breaker)

And my plan was to order:

Does the tandem breaker present any complications here? Or is this list good for the job?


There should be two conductors from the tandem breakers, one for each breaker. Just put the CT on the one you want.

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Just curious, what is special about these circuits that you want to monitor them?

Those don’t look like they would be very interesting, or that they would use that much energy that you could save enough by changing something to be worthwhile.

You should, at least, get some CTs for the the two mains, so you can see totals for the panel.

I’m trying to tell apart the aggregate energy cost associated with those 3 circuits from the rest of the monthly bill for the whole panel. So energy saving isn’t my main goal at this point.

I presume the total energy reported in the bills may not be as accurate as it could be if I measured it with CTs on the mains, but I’m just looking for a fair estimate for now. So if the energy company’s reported energy consumption is in the ballpark, that’s good enough for my purposes.

My point was those are likely to be uninteresting. The circuits appear to be:

  1. Bathroom
  2. Stairway
  3. Family room

Unless you have VERY unusual usage patterns (or perhaps are running bit coin mining operations in them, which would count as unusual) they are likely a VERY small percentage of the total bill.

So, it comes back to WHY do you want to know, what do you think you might learn? Are you trying to figure out how much to charge a roommate for their electricity usage, perhaps?

Of course, you don’t have to tell me, or any other random person on the internet why you want to do something.