New User - Can't get out of AP mode (SOLVED)

Hi, I received my Iotawatt kit yesterday and am enthusiastic to get it all up and running.

Followed the set up documentation, seems pretty straightforward, similar to ESPHome devices I have - log into it’s own Wi-Fi when powered up and then supply my local network SSID and password.

I’ve been wanting to at least get it working in a test set up to check it’s all OK before the sparky comes on Monday to do all the work required to safely house it, fit the power outlets required for the VTs (3-phase) and enable the cable routing behind my main circuit board for the CTs.

But I keep running into road blocks and can’t seem to get round them.

To begin with for the life of me I cannot get it to connect to my local network. It did connect yesterday but it steadfastly refuses to now.

It sees the network fine, I can choose the SSID from the set up window, enter the password (yes, validated it over and over, typed it in, copy and pasted it, again and again etc etc) but it refuses to connect nor will it exit AP mode.

Power cycle the unit, makes no difference.

It’s about 1 metre from my Wi-Fi extender, there no issue with signal strength and everything else in the vicinity is connected just fine. It’s a real shame it doesn’t have an ethernet port, I could easily plug this into an access point switch I use for my solar PV inverter.

What else can I do to get it to communicate?


OK, after trying many more times it finally connected. It’s not a confidence inspiring start but at least I have it online!