New user look to get

question how to responce to people who say it cost too much i am plan to get not sure if i shuld montor it all or just hte main one or just main devics like ac

That’s a subjective statement. I think each user does a cost/benefit assessment based on their individual needs.

it hard to deicde since i real want to get it but some people say it only for fun and get how much use once a month is all you need on a bill you just have auto pay

Value for money = satisfaction minus price.

You could read your electric meter every day (or every hour) and keep a record in a spreadsheet (but that is a lot more work than having iotawatt do it for you)

Only you can decide whether you would have enough ‘fun’ to make investment worthwhile or if your electric bill is high enough that understanding which circuits are costing you money would change your behaviour enough to make sufficient savings to pay for the cost.

Dad say he barely evey look at it he just pay the bill