Newbe question: fluctuating VT data

Hello everyone, total newb here and could not find answer using search.
I came across IoTaWatt a few months ago and was blown away, loved it. I have an existing power meter built using esp32 and 3 CTs but adding a EVSE and a 15KW grid-connected solar I wanted more CTs and this is exactly what I was looking for! so thanks Bob and everyone!
I built a prototype system with a little short-cuts (no protection diodes and pre-built RTC) and I am having problems with the initial config. Note that I do not have the VREF yet (its in the mail I am told) so if this is the issue I am facepalming myself).
I connected a standard 9V AC adapter to the VT input and while trying to calibrate, I am getting numbers that are constantly moving between 188V-293V. That does not seem right… What could be my issue? any thoughts?

Thanks for any ideas. If I can’t figure it out I’ll just redo the entire LM358 part of the circuit board?


You need a voltage reference to obtain accurate voltage readings.

Thanks! (facepalming)