Newbee: status page

So after making a fool of myself here a few weeks ago I got the vrefs and am now up and running. BTW have about 13 of them vrefs if anyone needs.

Now, I am setting this great device and noticed that the status page will not get updated. The web interface is fully responsive; readings are correct; but once I have a number on the status page it will not get updated unless I reboot (!) The device.
The log shows no hints (to me).
iotamsgs.txt (9.7 KB)
Any ideas what I did wrong?

It looks like there may be something wrong with the real-time-clock. What was your order number?

Its a self-built device.
Can it fuction with NTP only (I could disconnect the RTC and check if everything else works?)
I had this RTC in the drawer from one of my first Arduino projects, maybe 10 years ago. So it might be dead. (new battery though)

Thanks for the help!

** update ** maybe helpful for some folks seeing similar problems

Replaced the battery on my DS3231 RTC (probably DOA) and now seems to be all working.

Thanks @overeasy for creaing this, pointing me to the right problem, and also moving the thread to the correct forum!