Newbie confused re use of IoTaWatt in install with GenSet Transfer Switch - Solved?

I have a 200 amp main panel and a 100 amp transfer panel.
Half the house is on the main panel and half on the transfer panel.
A 100 amp breaker feeds the transfer panel as hydro side.

Input 1 & 2 use 200 amp CTs clamped on mains coming in from Hydro
Input 3 & 4 use 100 amp CTs clamped on busbar mains in transfer panel
Used ECS24200 as model setting for all.

The readings I get are:
Input 1: 1066 Watts
Input 2: 1238
Input 3: 2064
Input 4: 2294

Is the model setting different for the 100 amp CTs?
How about the 50’s yet to be installed.

What did I miss? I expected input 3&4 to be lower, not somewhat double. Back to the docs but thought I’d ask here too.

Update: Seems I followed the online docs too closely. Changed model to what’s actually printed on the CT and it seems much better. Duh!