Newbie install: Consumption is higher than total?

First… here are pictures of the installation and the transparent junction box I chose. Very proud of the way this looks and how it came out looking clean.

To start, I’m not very handy around electrical stuff so please bear with me. When either the furnace or hot water heater kicks in, the sum of my main CTs are reading lower than the sum of the smaller CTs in my setup. I doubled the two mains, which I think is correct??? Am I missing something obvious?

Of course, soon after posting this cry for help (after hours scratching my head), I think I figured it out. I had the wrong CT models as I followed the install guide “way too literally.”

This looks much better!

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Just a couple of things:

Mains should not be doubled.

Dryer is in the ballpark with one CT doubled, but usually they are three-wire circuits. Check the docks for various methods of monitoring three-wire circuits.