No LED showing and no log on

My unit has been working for 6 months. This morning checked and cannot log on. No Led. Changed USB power supply and cords still no Led and any suggestions? In Australia.

Do you have some way to check that the USB power supply is working? Swapping out is not definitive. The replacement could be defective or the plug you are using could be defective.

I realize “is it plugged in?” may seem over simple, but I’m not there and this failure mode is highly unusual. Replacing it is not a great option without knowing why it failed as a replacement might be damaged by whatever may have caused this.

Yes checked the usb supply with a USB load tester. The supply I used can deliver 3amps and the cord can do 2.9 amps. Just tried again and it is almost like the Iotawatt has a short in the power circuit. Connected to a different usb supply and cord via a usb amp voltage meter the the voltage dropped to 3.5volt and the current was 6.5Amps!! Can send photo if you want?

22 Watts. Something should be very hot and probably smoking. Can you open it up and see what is cooking?

Checked, nothing smoking but checked with a infrared gun and measured 145-175C around D6,7,8 and the the component’s around that area.

Hello John,

I was just about to send a replacement board to fix this when I noticed you ordered another IoTaWatt two days ago. That’s been shipped, but what is the status of this unit? Is the new base a replacement for this or is this in addition? I wish I had noticed the name on the order as I could have easily included the replacement. If this is to replace that unit, I can give you a credit. If it’s in addition, I can send the replacement.