No news is good news

Two significant things happened this weekend:

  • The new release 02_04_00 went ALPHA with substantial enhancements to the phase correction that now supports 50Hz and 60Hz as well as CT correction as a function of primary current.

  • North America switched over to Daylight Saving Time, which is the first widespread use of that new feature in IoTaWatt.

There have been no problems reported and things appear to have rolled out very smoothly. If luck holds, this release or a close derivative should bubble up to MINOR and MAJOR pretty quickly.



I’m seeing some strange time this AM but I did not yesterday but only on my PVOutput service. I’m in the East Coast like you, should the IoTaWatt still be set for -5 Timezone in the config with the daylight savings check box set or -4 and the box set. I think my upload to PVOutput may be off an hour based on the status data. I currently have the TimeZone set to -5 and the checkbox enabled. Working on it now, and happy to re-upload the day to PVOutput once things align again. More a heads up.

Here is my status page and you can see PVOutput off an hour.


-5 with theDST box checked. I’m not seeing that on my system (no generation but consumption data). Also, another that I can see in MA appears to be posting correctly to PVoutput. Can you look at the PVoutput live data and see if the curr3nt upload time is correct?

So, it looks like the PVOutput site does not change over with daylight savings that I can see. Did you have to set your PVOutput timezone to -4 from -5 during the switch in the setting section?

I can see that the IoTaWatt is all good and happy with the upload times…


I did see on the setting of the Output that one can select Daylight Savings, but I’m still off an hour on my PVOutput graph. Does not seem to be an issue with IoTaWatt. Curious on your setting for the site and output.

Output Info:

Setting for site:

I didn’t have to change anything. Don’t think you should have the “Adjust Time” set in PVoutput. IoTaWatt should be sending the correctly adjusted time.
If your PVoutput site is public, what is the name so I can take a look at the live data?
What happened to your IoTaWatt between 6:24 and 7:50 to cause the PVoutput tab to show the correct local time?


Thanks for the tip. I have disabled the “Adjust Time” on the PVOutput site as you suggested and will see if things settle down and re align to the time. The bump this AM around 6:20 was me trying to correct things via the IoTaWatt at first and set the zone to -4 this AM and setting it back; as you know did not correct things. Good catch on the “Adjust Time” option. I first thought it was the IoTaWatt as I have a Temp Sensor also uploading to the system and it is off an hour.

Consumption is private, but let me know and I can enable it for your viewing: My system is here:


Via the Map above, you can see the temp has the correct time but the power data is still an hour off. I have tried to upload the day’s data via ReUpload, but that has not helped. My thoughts were to give it some time to get back in sync and see what happens.

Here are the configs:

PVOutput user view setting:

Output setting in PVOutput

Gotta go. I’ll review this tonight.

No rush. It may sync up soon and we will be good to go. I’ll let you know the status. I think it was the AutoAdjust setting. Thanks Bob.


I’m good as the “Auto Adjust” was disabled and the server re-synced up and all is set. Thanks for the pointer on their side…