No Voltage reading - resolved

Ive checked the hardware and I can see that the voltage levels are fine ,When I open the Webserver I see 0.0 cycles sampled ,no voltage reading.Also when this happened I see the LED indicator to go from dull green flicker to full green flicker.On the esp8266 side ,the led near D0 or on the wifi module starts flickering as it didn’t before.Before all this happened I had set up my webserver and calibrated the voltages and all worked fine ,then I powered it off and installed it on my wall ,turned it on and I see no reading .Also before that I had sd card damage issues ,somehow the sd card kept on getting damaged ,so I uploaded the sd file contents again.When I go on my webserver and initialze the time,My 3 phase voltages from input and checking the 3 phase derived voltages and go on status ,I start to see the full green and wifi module led flickering .No readings.Can anyone help me out on this?? Also in the troubleshoot why isnt there an indication for full green flicker ?

Whoaaa, slow down. You’re reporting multiple unrelated problems and you’ve taken the unit apart. Let’s start at the beginning.

When did you get your unit?

What symptoms prompted you to open it up and remove the SD card?

If the web server is working now, can you download the whole message log (/IoTaWatt/iotamsgs.txt) and upload here?

Are you sure your VT is producing output?

Please don’t change anything else until I can figure out your present state.

Extremely sorry for the late reply ,I had bought one unit an year ago,working perfect by the way ,redesigned the pcb to meet my dimensions and integrated power supply,Anyways the whole thing is the same as the original.The whole process was the same, I just made the mistake of placing the wrong resistance on the lm358M,changing the reference voltage ,that freaked the whole circuit out,Changed it now and its working like a charm,I can see all the voltages on the webserver.Sorry for the panicking description.I was so confused that I literally had my hands all over the circuit.Finally compared the voltages with the original Iottawatt 5.0 and saw the mistake right away.Thanks so much for the concern sir!