Not able to log in to this forum

Hi, my original username is OlavKristiansen, I had to create a new user (OlavK) to post this, using the mobile’s built in browser. I am posting from my android mobile since I get these two error messages when trying to log in using Web browser on a pc: ‘Unknown error’ or ‘403 Forbidden’. The last one when using email as username.

I tried Edge and Chrome and also deleted browser history, no luck.

Any ideas?

Hi again, seems to be a pc problem, now I was able to log in on chrome on my mobile using my original user account.

It can be my computers, but I tried two,so seems unlikely.

Ok, so this morning I was able to log in from my third computer. Either something was wrong yesterday, or my two first computers are off somehow.

I experienced this today. I was getting the same “Unknown error” or “403 Forbidden” message when trying to log in. I tried Firefox, Chrome, and IE with the same results, but I was able to use my android phone to successfully log in.

I found out that I would get the “Unknown error” message if I was using just the “” address. If I used “”, I had no problems logging in.