Not Ending Retail Sales

Thanks for all you’ve done!

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Very sad to hear this, I’ve loved having the IotaWatt and and the ability to pull whatever metrics I need.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with next after your shift back to hobbyland.

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So sad, but I completely get it!

Enjoy your new found freedom to spend time on things other than the “tedious job”.

Let’s hope someone else finds a way to take the project and get it back into some form of production.

Thanks for a fantastic product.

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Thanks for everything @overeasy, enjoy the free time :smiley:

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Not surprising; respect for it remaining a one-man-operation for as long as it did. Sucks for the users (wanting to add another/continue using past hardware life) but that’s the risk anyone takes in using an open source project. Mine has given me invaluable insight into my electrical usage, and when tied in with my home automation, has really opened up the possibilities (cycle counting, excess runtime monitoring, etc).

Personally/selfishly I’d like to see a company take it (design) and run with it.

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It’s significantly less risk than using a closed source project. When one of those go out of business, you’re basically screwed. With an open source project you can always continue to support it yourself or rely on community forks to keep the project going.

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Touché. This has crossed my mind a few times over the past year: it’s a shame that consumer, even commercial products have such short lifespans anymore. You can’t even rely on a device from say LG or Samsung, to be available for repair/parts a year out. It’s a real shame, and only contributes to our throw-away society. Anyway, off my soapbox. You make a good point - in hindsight I’m grateful I have this forum to turn to as I continue to use my Iotawatt.


Quick note to add my profound thanks for such an excellent product Bob - I recently picked up a 2nd unit to have as a backup - not a reflection of concerns about reliability, simply that I’d hate to lose any data unecessarily, so having a “hot spare” seemed prudent. The first unit I ordered from you directly a few years back now, the 2nd from the Australian distributors - both very positive experiences, thank you.
Enjoy whatever your future endeavours might be! :slight_smile:

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Bob @overeasy - also adding my sincere thanks and appreciation for sharing your gift (talent) in bringing the iotawatt to the world. You got to do something very few of us do - take your skill, training, imagination, work ethic, and passion and mold it into something really, really good (that’s my perspective), overcoming significant hurdles along the way. As somone who had to ‘do it all at one time’ in the technology world over 42 years, I can appreciate the point where the fun is long gone and the burn from having to do all the ‘other’ stuff just isn’t worth it anymore. Been spending the last couple of years after retirement to try to reconcile being obsolete and rekindling the fun things that tickled my desire to work with the tech stuff. You, your support, and the product reminded me of my ‘good old days’ working with Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) PDPs and VAXes (I consider them ‘open source’, having learned from the OS8 Handbook and others to wire, program, and maintain them), and the excellent people and community (DECUS) supporting the products.

Best wishes in your pursuits, keep on keeping on!


@overeasy devistated with the news, but I completely understand your pain. You built a product that was so significantly better than anything else out there!

Thank you so much for your committment over the years to the project and I hope the next phase works well for you.


I always thought the product and support for this product were too good to be true and here it comes to fruition.

Thanks Bob for all that you have given to all us other nerds!

I look forward to maybe a esp32 board slipping into the wild somewhere down the road.

Take it easy, overeasy!

Oh wow. After contemplating for a year or two, I came here to pull the trigger only to find no product available. Very sad, but I understand the reasons. I’m in the US, and the Australia vendor only lists the Australia 230V version (which is out of stock of course). I’m not keen on using some of the alternatives with their monthly fees, privacy issues, and generally closed nature. What are the chances a US version will be available in the next few months from anywhere? Any suggestions on the best course of action for someone in my position?

Pretty good.


Can you be more specific? Will there be some kind of notification to those of us who delayed purchase a little too long? Is there a waiting list somewhere?

I’ll be posting links to dealers as they get stock and have a web presence.


Thrilled to see that you’ve found a potential compromise between keeping Iotawatt happening and meeting your own needs going forward. I was one of the people that snagged a second unit from the folks in Australia, but I could see myself adding a third someday, as the data’s really been valuable in improving our home’s energy efficiency. Best of luck!

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Created an account just to say thanks. I totally support your decision - it’s your life and you only get one! Thanks for taking some time out of it to create something we have loved and gotten much use from, and for making it open source so that hopefully it can continue in your retirement from the project.

While it is likely quite a bit more complex than this, would it be possible to release the plans for the hardware for those of us with some knowhow with creating hardware and 3D printing enclosures? Or is that posted already? I just want to make sure that those who still really need this can continue on (I love mine!).

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The hardware (as in the PCB design files) is already available.

I am not sure about the case design.

Do you do “Build your own kits”. Cheers.

DOH. Few posts down and i discovered the BOM

I came looking to buy two more units. FANTASTIC product. Kudos to you for your supreme commitment to quality engineering. I will be paying attention to availability.