Operating Temp Concerns in AZ

Good afternoon, I stumbled upon this device while looking at other home energy monitors on the web. I prefer open source stuff like this and started doing more research. One thing I’ve been unable to find is topics about installs in hot climates. I’ve noticed that the max operating temp is 50c for the Iotawatt, but in direct sun in an enclosure in AZ I could see the temps rising well above that (N3R panel on north side of house). Does anyone have a similar experience they could share some info on?

TIA, Bamato

I put mine in an UV resistant box below my breaker panel here in AZ the device has been working flawlessly until the 9V reference has flaked out.

Thanks for chiming in. Are you in the Phoenix area?

Buckeye actually, but close enough.

Gotcha. Just making sure you weren’t enjoying the cooler weather up in Flag :wink:. I may just give it a shot and see what happens.

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