Ordering in the UK


I just found this project and seems ideal for what I want. I’m sorry if this is asked too many times, I tried to search the community but I couldn’t find any relevant results.

I presume the monitor will work with single phase 240V we have in the UK. If so, what’s the best way to order a kit? I guess ordering from the US store will add customs duty added once it arrives in the UK?

Thank you!

Yes, works with any voltage. You would need to get a 240V to 9V wall transformer from Farnell in the UK.

Like anything else, you will be subject to VAT and any duties that are collected by delivering carrier.

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I ordered mine from the US including CT’s. Sourced the Power supplies from Farnell in UK. I got stung about £60 import duties. If I were to do it again I would source the CT’s from UK to minimise the import duties.
Great kit though and it works well in the UK

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Thanks I ordered mine yesterday :slight_smile:

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