Ordering in the UK


I just found this project and seems ideal for what I want. I’m sorry if this is asked too many times, I tried to search the community but I couldn’t find any relevant results.

I presume the monitor will work with single phase 240V we have in the UK. If so, what’s the best way to order a kit? I guess ordering from the US store will add customs duty added once it arrives in the UK?

Thank you!

Yes, works with any voltage. You would need to get a 240V to 9V wall transformer from Farnell in the UK.

Like anything else, you will be subject to VAT and any duties that are collected by delivering carrier.

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I ordered mine from the US including CT’s. Sourced the Power supplies from Farnell in UK. I got stung about £60 import duties. If I were to do it again I would source the CT’s from UK to minimise the import duties.
Great kit though and it works well in the UK

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Thanks I ordered mine yesterday :slight_smile:

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Anyone knows how long it’s takes to arrive? The last update from Royal Mail is for the 30th Nov and the item appears to be in Switzerland. No updates since then?

Economy packages ordinarily take 2-3 weeks to the UK. At present, for those unaware, there is an ongoing labor dispute with the majority of Royal Mail workers. Unfortunately, economy packages are a low priority with the Christmas surge.

In general, economy to Europe is much better than it was during the height of Covid, but this labor action in the UK does appear to be having an impact there. UPS is still delivering in a few days.

Mine is also stuck in Switzerland since 30th :frowning:

The previous 2 shipments came over in a couple of weeks, this one is unlucky.

Thanks it helps to know I’m not the only one.

Looks like mine has made it to the local delivery office - they have tried to deliver it at 7 am (well before the office opens).

I foresee a trip to the local Delivery office in my near future to collect it unless they see sense and route it via the normal Postie - ‘Grumpy’ (he never seems very happy) normally delivers at around 2pm

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mine arrived too. I was expecting to receive a customs form for tax I need to pay for it but nothing yet.

Might have got away with it then. :grinning: Previously I have had to pay customs prior to delivery.

These units are for work so we would claim the vat back anyway.