Output formula not subtracting a load - resolved

I am trying to view a “miscellaneous” loads by writing a formula. Basically my Mains added together minus all known loads. However even though I clearly have a load subtracted, in this case the hot tub it is still showing up in the graph for misc loads. writing a formula subtracting the hot tub twice does however remove it from the misc. load. The hot tub is a 240/120 unit, and I have both leads running through the CT one in the opposite direction. See images for clarity. This happens with all other output formulas that try to eliminate the hot tub load.

Thanks in advance. The Iota watt has already paid for itself as I discovered the contact on my well pressure pump were not opening complete and pump was running a continuous 800 watt load.

Can you download your config.txt file please and send it to me in a Private Message?

I’m guessing the problem is that the CT on your hot-tub is actually a AccuCT-H063-100. Also, note that you are subtracting the Hot-Water twice.

Great catch, I had the wrong CT programmed. Thank you!
Unfortunately now my hot tub is a lot less affordable…….

They all are, but nothing beats sitting in one during a snow storm. Be sure to add a floating “bubble wrap” type cover when not in use. Evaporative heat loss can be much more significant than conductive loss.