Output math seems wrong?

I was looking at some stuff and noticed an odd spike in my “MISC” power use…which I think is correlating with my hot water heater. I don’t know why.

I tried making another “output” that is type “amps” and now I am even more confused with the mismatch of watts vs amps.

MISC power should be “everything I didn’t explicitly measure with a CT in the panel”, that is, “total main power - total known usage”.

I am reasonably confident that the ~1.1kW consumption is an accurate number for the MISC other circuits. I don’t understand why when I graph or output “amps” the water heater and other big 240V consumption seems to be not properly accounted for?

It looks like this may also be not accounted for properly with other large devices (e.g. stove).

Its almost like it doesn’t account for “2x” multiplier on CTs in the AMPS-mode, but does correct for it in WATTS-mode?



(worse with more on?!)

You’re getting warm.

When you designate double for an input, it means that the reference voltage is doubled. If you have two circuits with the same current, one that is 120V and the other that is 240V, the 240V circuit will have roughly double the Watts.

When you start adding and subtracting the Amps of your various circuits, you’re mixing Amps at 120V and Amps at 240V. It’s the proverbial apples and oranges, or at least small apples and big apples.

For what it’s worth, if you want to normalize that Misc_Current calculation to 120V Amps, you should subtract the 2x circuits twice.

Man that’s confusing…so I have to have separate calculations if I want to graph the data in watts or amps?

I don’t suppose there’s a way I can just type in the “formula” so I can add ( ) and a 2 * without having to re-delete and re-click-select the entire huge mess multiple times over for each almost-identical thing I want?


No, there is no editor. It’s modeled after a simple calculator. Look on the bright side, you don’t have to type all those names. Yes, you can use parenthesis to group all of the 240V Amps and multiply that by 2. Remember that outside parenthesis the Scripts evaluate from left to right with no operator hierarchy.

Yeah, but as a programmer I’m used to retyping long names…took me probably 10 minutes to figure out how to get it all “clicked” in correctly last time by mouse.

At least I have an idea of how to fix it now, just have to sit down and work thru it.