Output to two influxdb

Is it possible to output data to two different ip addresses? Separate with a comma? Both outputs would go to separate influx database.

Short answer is no.

You can do influx, emoncms and PVoutput all at the same time, but only one instance of each.

Depending on your requirements, it may be possible to maintain two influx databases with a little work. Your question about entering two IPs separated by a comma suggests you want to upload the same data to two instances on different hosts. You can do that by changing the IP periodically. IoTaWatt will query the current influx database to determine the last entry and resume loading history from there. It wouldn’t know if it had uploaded the same data to a different database yesterday, last week, or last month. It will just backfill to the present.

So if both need not be current all the time, you can change the IP to the second from time to time and it will be updated. Then change it back to the primary. I’m not interested in doing this, but the IP is just an object in the config.txt file. That file can be changed by any program that has access to the IoTaWatt. So it could be controlled from a JS script in a browser, or by a python program.

Or just hook up another IoTaWatt…

This is what I’ve been doing. Not a big deal just thought I’d ask. Thanks for the quick response.