Panel spacing thoughts

I’m looking to purchase my first IoTaWatt system in Ontario and would appreciate any comments regarding available space in my panel above. Here is the information about what I’d like to monitor:

Mains 200A Service 240V - 3 wires
Hot Tub 60A Breaker 240V - 3 wires
Hot Water 20A Breaker 240V - 2 wires
Water Pump 15A Breaker 240V - 2 wires
Air Conditioner 20A Breaker 240V - 2 wires
Furnace Room 15A Breaker 120V
Furnace 15A Breaker 120V
Stove 40A Breaker 240V - 3 wires
Fridge 15A Breaker 120V
Dryer 40A Breaker 240V - 3 wires

The panel is quite tall and a lot of the wires travel quite a distance inside it, I’m assuming I can put the clamp anywhere along the exposed live wire(s)?

The A/C look like it might be a challenge to fit in.

The mains wire has quite a bit of slack, as shown below.

There is a separate breaker switch for the mains to the right. Should I go with Split Core or Clamp-on for the mains?

Finally, for installing the Split-Core CTs, do you have to disconnect the wire and run it through the sensor?