Parts needed for panel

Looking to utilize this system for my panel but unsure if I need separate CT’s for my main because I have (4) four leads for my 200A panel- see pictures. Please let me know different ways this can be done and which way would be most beneficial. I also have a solar panel connected to a 40A circuit I wish to monitor as well.

It should be no problem getting 50A CTs on the Branch circuits, but the mains are going to be a challenge.

It looks like they turn under the buss and exit either at the back or left side of the box. The most effective strategy would probably be to put individual 100A CTs on each of the four cables if you can find space and access to do that. Is there an upstream shutoff, like at the meter, so someone can work in there without the rink of live wires? It might even be necessary to have an electrician disconnect those mains and pull some other stuff to get the CTs in there.

I can’t see the bottom of the box, but if the mains do run down and out there, it might be easier.