Password not working for specific query

When I no password set if I query:
…everything works.

However when I have a password set I can log on using admin and the password that I set … but when I go to that link the username and password does not work.

Also I have a Graph+ preset that will not delete.

Any ideas?

Do you have a user password set? If so, there are issues with that. To remove a user password, use the passwords setup and reset passwords leaving the user password blank and try this again. It should work.

That has been reported and the fix will be included in the release 02_05_03 due out soon in ALPHA.

UPDATE: I got into this in more detail today as one of the last things on my shortlist for the next release. Bottom line is that I think I was able to get everything working as originally conceived. Time will tell as I test it more thoroughly and put it out to ALPHA, but it is definitely more functional. User mode seems to work as intended as well now. Stay tuned.

I have IotaWatts ver 02_05_02 from my MacBook running Mojave and Safari 13.0.4. I can verify and change passwords etc But am unable to access saved graph+ graphs
popup Log in to IotaWatt.local:80 and both admin and user login passwords don’t work.

Clearing user password doesn’t fix popup.

There is a problem with the underlying query with passwords. It is fixed in the upcoming release. Until then, you will need to remove the passwords.

Any ETA as to when this will be released?


It is fixed in 02_05_05 which is currently in ALPHA and BETA auto-update.