"Phase" and "lastphase"

  1. IoTaWatt server JSON response contains “phase” and “lastphase” fields.
    What they are?

  2. Why there is no power factor (pf:xxx) for some inputs in IotaWartt Power Monitor?
    Usually this happens for 2-3 W loads.

They are metrics that I used while improving the phase correction algorithms to correct as a function of line frequency (50Hz/60Hz) and current. They are only valid at unity pf. I reserve the right to remove these as they have no use in any application. I used them to verify that the algorithms were working as designed and haven’t removed them yet.

PF seems to become less accurate at low power, and it’s also of less practical value. So the status display cuts it off at I think 50 or 60 Watts. If you really want to see the PF for a particular device, you can define a PF output and it will work at all power levels, for what it’s worth.

All clear.
Thank you for the full and and prompt answers.