Planning the purchase - any help is appreciated (3 phase euro setup)

Hi there
I’m in Denmark where every household (well almost) has three phase input.
Some equipment are distributed on differnet phases so I need to measure each phase.

We have smart meters here in Denmark, so I can pull it from the meter, my problem with that is that the meter is outside, built in to the wall, and I can’t get wires pushed out to it, so I need a different solution.

I’ve taken some pictures of my small electrical setup.

My idea is to have the input measured, and then each group as well, there aren’t much space though, so I might have to settle with just measuring the input.
As you might be able to see some of the groups are three phases as well.

Looks pretty straightforward. It will be tight getting the CTs in there. The mains no problem. It looks like most of the others can be measured on the output side. All 50A.breakers. I count 13 if you can get them on everything. If any are difficult or impossible, and they are the only unmeasured on a phase, you can get by subtracting the others from the main.

Ok, so the list would be:

  • European Bundle (230V)"
  • 12 x AccuCT 50A x 10mm (yikes)

For a total of: $270.60

And that’s it?

I counted 13 but whatever. Plus shipping.

Ok, but the bundle has 1 as well, right? So it’s “only” 12 extra? And it should work on one device, right?