Plug in USB Power and AC Reference where?

Brand new here and slightly confused. I tried searching, but didn’t find anything useful…

If I am not confused the hardware portion goes in your breaker panel and the current transformers around the lines leaving each circuit you want measured.

My confusion is: Where is everybody plugging in the USB Power and AC Reference? My breaker panel is outside next to my meter and there are no outlets anywhere near the panel. Even if there were I cannot imagine folks routing wires out of their panel and into a nearby outlet.

Am I missing something simple or is everyone putting an outlet in their panel and if so, is that even code?

Thank you in advance for helping me clear this up. :slight_smile:

You don’t say where in the world you are. Outdoor panels seem to be more common in Australia. In North America, most are located inside, but there are some outdoor installs.

Many have found the Orbit outdoor sprinkler box to be a good solution. It is inexpensive, has an integrated duplex receptacle, weathertight and has a lock. Typically two conduits are used, one for the duplex AC plug and one for the CT leads. If you search this forum for “orbit” you will see quite a few installs.

Unfortunately, you will probably need an electrician to install it.

Yes, I forgot that bit. Sorry.I live in the US in AZ. New Construction and all of the new construction around here uses the combo meter and breaker box. Like this One.

Your suggestion is excellent and answered my question.

Thank you!

Those integrated meter/breaker boxes have been problematic for measuring the mains. There isn’t enough room bin the breaker section. The CTs usually need to be mounted on the feeds in the compartment below the meter, which is usually sealed by the utility. If you get an electrician, see if they can make that happen at the same time.

Sweet, thank you. :slight_smile:

I have a combo meter and breaker box too. The breakers are fed off bus bars, impossible to get a CT around them. I paid an electrician to pull the meter and put the CTs around the wires feeding the meter. I paid him an hour, the job took 5 minutes. The hardest part was scheduling the visit.

Thank you! I figured that would be the case. Seems like if the electrician breaks the seal on that side of the box, I would also have to get the county out to inspect.

Did you have any inspection issues do to the job?