Possible interference? Odd wattage on multiple devices

I’m noticing that starting around 18:20 and ending about 18:23 there was some odd fluctuations in the graph, it affects three separate readings

Pool Pump and Garage Rack are each their own 50a CT (Pool pump being doubled) and Garage Misc is the main feed to the panel minus Garage Rack and Pool Pump

I also noticed that the power usage on the garage rack went down when the garage lights were on (Big spike)

Could this be interference? I have the CT wires all bundles together in some conduit. Possible issue?

Possibly, but those CT cords are carrying very little current - maybe one mA. Would be interesting to see the voltages added to that plot. The variation appears to be about one Watt, so a swing of one Volt could do that.

Thanks, tomorrow I’ll try separate them out a little. If the CT’s were close to each other, could that cause any issues?

There was a bit of voltage change on the bit on the left, so I’ll just ignore that for now

The bit where the current drops on the Garage Rack when the lights comes on is confusing me, Its about 7-8w of difference and it happens every time

Here is with voltage overlayed. L1 + L2 as “Main_Voltage” and then just the leg the Garage Rack is on, as well as the lights that caused the spike

More detail on the voltage by removing the “Main_Voltage”

BUT. I think this may be a case of me yet again blaming IoTaWatt, when in fact, something really is changing… Because I looked at the VA load of the UPS, there is actually some dips, and they seem to line up with these dips…

For the life of me I can’t figure out why 200w of LED lights coming on would change something like this

I figured it out! My indoor garage camera which is powered by PoE has infrared LED’s that come on when its dark


Pretty good sleuthing there Watson.

I’m surprised that the resolution with IoTaWatt is so good I can see that

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