Power Bank as UPS

In our setup, we’re using a Power Bank as an uninterrupted power supply for the IoTaWatt as we’re facing many power cuts. For this, we’re using a RAVpower but it switches off from time to time.

I was in contact with their customer support and they think it’s because the power bank will switch off once the load is under 80mA.

Does somebody know how to solve this problem?

No experience with these but it makes sense that they would try to shut down when it appears a charge is complete as the device is a charger, not a power supply. Have you looked at similar units that are designed as USB UPS systems like this? Might work better.

Is this related to your logging gap problem? I didn’t see any power fail restarts in the log for that. It all seemed related to poor WiFi signal. Has that been resolved?

It’s not related to the WiFi problem. This also is solved now. Thanks for the advice on this.

The power bank we use has “pass-through” meaning it can charge the power bank while powering another device simultaneously. What’s the minimum current the IoTaWatt consumes? Maybe when there is no WiFi the current is to low and the power bank thinks the device is full.