Power Factor - Addition Output to Emoncms


Just purchased the IoTaWatt and what a fantastic unit.
Just setting it up and I can’t seem to find a way to post Power Factor to Emoncms. This is quite critical to the project I am doing, as it shows the reactance across the 3-phase system. Is there any way of being about to add this in? I would like a check box next to the input that adds in the Power Factor to the JSON to Emoncms as then next index.
Also it does not state if its Real or Apparent Power it is posting (I suspect it is apparent pwr, please could you confirm).

Also I noticed that you are going to include MQTT, which is what I use in conjunction with Emoncms, and this addition would be excellent. If you do include it, please consider sending the Status Display Input/Output./Statistics as a JSON. Also having Min Max tigger levels.


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You are probably still on release 02_02_30 which is what is shipping from OEM. Release 02_03_09 is the current Release for auto-update class MINOR and includes the functionality to send power-factor, as well as apparent power (VA), Amps, and of course Watts (Real power).

If you change your auto update class to MINOR in the Setup/Device menu, your system will upgrade, usually within an hour.

Once upgrad3d, you can set the units of the each measurement that you specify in the EmonCMS Inputs section of the EmonCMS configuration menu.

Default units for current channels output to EmonCMS is Watts, which is real-power. As above, fore parent power select VA.

Sorry to say that the intention to do MQTT was premature. See this post Availability of MQTT?

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This is great functionalitiy and nicely thought out. Thanks.