Power Factor Behavior

Hi again,
I wrote in awhile ago with a poorly placed current clamp on my mains. That is still resolved but I’m having another issue and wondering if you can point me in the right direction.

So I’ve noticed the power factor of one of my mains sits quite a bit lower than the other. I guess I’m curious if I should be worried about that of if it can just be expected based on what is running. I attached an image showing the power factor of both mains and the circuit I suspect is causing issues.

Here is my theory: the prolonged square wave pattern appears to be caused by my fridge. I recently shuffled around my clamps to track that circuit, so I finally have something to correlate that to. However, that doesn’t explain the lower overall number. I’m wondering if it could be the radon fan that (I think) is running on that circuit. Even worse I believe it is sharing the circuit that is used for the IotaWatt voltage measurement transformer.

I’m guessing it isn’t a big deal. Just wanted some other thoughts.

Nothing jumps out at me as unusual, although I don’t frequently look at data like this.

The breaker circuit appears to be a 120V circuit on the left main. So it’s related to the left main of. You can see that the pf reacts to the on-off cycles. The right main is unaffected by this because the load is on the other side.

I can see other load pulling both legs up and down. Those are probably something 240V. There also appear to be right only loads. The numbers are reasonable. I don’t think there are any problems indicated.

Thanks! Just thought it was worth asking.