Pre purchase CT and display question

I am very glad I came across the iotawatt, I believe it will almost perfectly match what I want a home energy monitor to be. I really like how it is all locally hosted and can be accessed without relying on a hosted website. I just have a couple questions before I make my order.

My home has a standard 200 amp single phase service, I plan to purchase 2 VTs with it to monitor voltage on both legs. I also have 3 sub panels and a interlocked breaker for my backup generator. I am going to purchase CTs to monitor the panels and generator. My generator input is a 60 amp breaker but it will hopefully never draw that much current. Would I still be ok to use 50amp CTs to monitor this? Would it damage the CTs or just read the max of 50 amp, if I were to draw more thru them.

I also would like to be able to monitor my energy usage with a Raspberry Pi or something similar to give me a live display of energy usage. Not really looking for a lot of detail but if I could build something small to display the main total energy usage and possibly display the generator circuit. This is mostly just for something to look at on my desk but would be very handy for load management when I am running my home from the generator. I have searched thru the forum with most relevant keywords, I could think of. I am not really looking to do very much from the display as the graphing and more detailed information will be available on the iotawatt interface.

I have seen that a few people have built something similar to this but not many details on how they were built or programmed. I like to think that I am decently intelligent when it comes to computers but programming and software are not something I know well. Thanks to anyone that has any information that may help.

50A for the generator s/b ok. Influx/grafana or Emoncms for dashboard.