Pre-purchase questions for Solar System

I’m fairly new seeking advice in remote power monitoring solutions.

Goal is to be able to monitor a LiFePO4 battery pack remotely. Pack is sitting on a houseboat in Northern California that is equipped with internet access (Starlink)

The current battery pack consists of 16 EVE LF280K 3.2v cells in series making a 48v pack. A 100a BMS by Overkill is in use now but only has Bluetooth so I must be within 60ft to check status. I see the IoTaWatt 120V Kit and generic has 14 ports that seemingly can monitor various different voltage sources. My goal would be to monitor all 16 cells along with total pack voltage and possibly the current leaving my inverter. Since there are only 14 ports maybe I can pair up a couple blocks of cells and monitor them as a 6.4v? Is there the possibility of a 16 port or more kit being developed? 18 would be best for me.

Wish-list would include sms alerts - EX: If any single cell exceeded 3.55v or 7.1v on the paired cells fire off an alert.

The cells are charged via 3600w (12 300w mono panels 3S4P) using a flexmax FM80 charge controller.

Note: There are many houseboat owners that are moving to LiFePO4 cells and all would like to monitor remotely without being thrown over a barrel by the likes of Victron and others.


Sorry Bob, IoTaWatt only measures AC voltage and power. There must be an intelligent BMS out there that can do want, but I’m not knowledgeable enough in that market. You might check over at the Open Energy Monitor forum, they have some extensive threads on open DIY BMS systems. At a minimum you would probably get some referrals there.

Okay will do, thanks a lot for response