Pre-purchase questions


After cruising the website I have found ot rather daunting to find answers to my questions. I am looking primarily looking for a monitoring system for my well pump and septic system pump. I have additional equipment I may add to the system, but the two pumps are absolutely mandatory. Both pumps are 240 VAC pumps wired to dedicated 15 amp breakers. I want to be able to:

  1. See when the pumps start and stop with date/time stamps on the data.
  2. Power consumption recorded for each pump over time - day /week / month.
  3. History of the above kept for a year or more.
  4. Capability to set alarms for excessive power consumption over a defined time period.
  5. Strongly desire to see the above data via my Apple Imac desktop. Have a WIN 10 notebook available, but prefer the iMac.

I think this is available through access to a web page through a browser on the iMac? From the docs I waded through I think there is hope seeing the power consumed and maybe the start / stop recorded, but not so sure about alarming capabilities. Maybe I missed that part. To be honest there is a lot of docs to wade through!

The electrical panel this will be added to is in my basement and easily accessed. Three feet from the panel my cable modem, router with wireless, and a APS UPS system to power everything with spare capacity. Installation physically should not be a problem since I wired the entire house both electrically and CAT6 wired network for internet. Software setup will hopefully not be too bad as I programmed and installed large industrial process control systems for decades in addition to managing large electrical distribution systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Maybe I can install it OK.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I tried to find a phone number where I could discuss this with a real live knowledgeable person, but think this is now the preferred way of the later generations. Guess I am a little old school!


This would be a takeoff from a graph:

You can graph this or extract the numbers using the query API.

Up to a year is 5 second resolution, after that it’s 1 minute resolution for 10 years.

IoTaWatt doesn’t do alarms. You would need to use something external: influxDB, emoncms, PVoutput, NODEred, Home Assistant and others can do that.

Graph and Query work with any modern browser.