Pre purchase queston

Looking on buying the kit. I have 200 amp service but notice on the page the only clamps that are available (which is fine for my general 15/20 amp circuits) but I’d also like to monitor each leg coming in so I would want at least 2 of the 200’s (that’s probably overkill but hey). Are there any generic clamps that will work with IoTaWatt? If not, how long till supplies are replenished?

CTs arrived today and are back in stock. BTW there were alternative 200A CTs available, it’s just that the default standard model was out of stock. The 200A Clamp-on version was (and still is) available.

Thank you! (I didn’t see the alternative CT’s) I put in my order! Thank you! This will be replacing my HEM Gen 5… Looks like it will do a lot more! I look forward to using it on my Hubitat!

Received yesterday and setup today…Now on to play… Thank you again!