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Introducing Zembo

Millions of motorcycles and taxi drivers are active in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is a revenue-generating activity for young people and their families. It is an affordable transport solution for low-income earners and often the only single available solution. The identified issues are that drivers spend a lot in renting their vehicles and buying fuel, which in turn puts a strain on their revenues. In addition, this activity causes high environmental pollution.

Zembo solves these issues, focusing on 2 complementary activities:
i. Leasing/rent to own of electric motorcycles to taxi drivers, enabling drivers to become owners
ii. Swappable Battery Solar Stations (SBSS) where drivers swap their empty battery for a recharged battery within a minute

The advantages of our electric solution are the following:
i.Improvement of drivers’ revenues (both the motorcycle and the energy per km are cheaper from day 1)
ii. Clean energy solution for the environment (lowering CO2 and particles emissions, reducing noise)

After a successful pilot in Uganda, Zembo launched its commercial and operates recharge stations in Kampala with the objective to reach 2000 vehicles in 2021.

With the use of the IoTaWatt, Zembo is able to acquire and analyze different matrix for a given SBSS such as but not limited to energy consumed, charge profiles, demand analysis, troubleshooting etc. This has enabled Zembo to make more informed strategic decisions to ensure its on the right track to profitability as a company and provides a good quality affordable clean energy product and service to its clients that is readily available

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Hi Zem.Bo Folks! Great post. Very interesting to see alternative uses of the device. How do you aggregate the data upstream from the device? --Mike