Project Box Shenanigans: Outside of Orbit

I see lots of folks love to use the Orbit box to install IotaWatt. Looks like a great option.

But has anyone found alternative project boxes to house 2 IotaWatt base units in the same box? I see examples where folks have installed two Orbit boxes, but I’m wondering if there’s a single box that could house 2 IotaWatt setups?

And, just to simplify a little, I happen to have an outlet on an underutilized 20A circuit right next to electrical panel. Any reason I couldn’t use that to power the unit and the VT, leaving the box to contain only the base units and the ~28 CT wires?

I used a Scepter junction box (before I learned of the Orbit ones). This 12"x12"x6" box would be plenty big for two IoTaWatts.

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