Pulse counting for gas meter


I’ve just purchased and IoTaWatt and lots of CTs to connect it up to my electricity, but I also want to monitor my gas meter, if possible.

I’ve got a setup going with a JeeNode that uses an infra-red reflective sensor to watch for a reflective spot on the meter that comes around, it can then do lots of things, like show an LED for diagnosis or send a radio packet. I’m wondering if I can make a simple output on a 3.5mm jack and feed it into the IoTaWatt, and then get the IoTaWatt to record the pulse somehow.

Is that sort of thing possible? Crazy?

I’d like to simply record the number of pulses, and maybe also convert to kWh.

Sorry, IoTaWatt doesn’t do pulse. It’s strictly a power meter.

Oh okay, no worries.

Presumably if I were to count the pules with my JeeNode and get that to output a current/voltage to match the rate of usage, i.e. pretend to be a CT then that might work with some fiddling somehow?