Purchasing from Smart Guys Australia

Has anyone purchased from Smart Guys in Australia?
I’ve been trying to email them for over a week now without a reply.
Any other recommendations for Australian purchasing?


This is Aanand from Smart Guys Australia.

Our best contact is via email on info@smartguys.com.au. Happy to help or answer any of your questions on this forum too.

Kind regards

My question was for a re-supply ETA on the IoTaWatt 50amp Split Core Current Transformer, but I see they are back in stock on the web store.

I have already tried twice to email info@smartguys.com.au, but got no reply, that doesn’t build trust in doing online purchases from your web store.
It may be worth checking your spam/junk email settings in your email program and/or email server!

Best regards

Hi Ron,

I can only apologise, we respond to most emails within 24 hours but I’m still struggling to find yours so it must be an issue with our spam filter which we will look into.

We will reach out to you directly but you can check out our feedback profile on eBay here:

Kind regards,

Thanks Aanand
Checked your eBay store, didn’t know that was there.
Replied to bob email with my email address.
order done on your web store # 000003563
Looking forward to dealing with you further.

Thanks for the order Ron,

Sent with express shipping and you should now have tracking details :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind regards,

Thanks Aanand
The delivery upgrade is much appreciated.

The should be here mid week.
Regards Ron.

Delivery arrived
Now the hard part starts, ha.