PVoutput feature request

Would it be possible to ONLY upload extended parameters to PVOutput? Currently, Iotawatt will not let you save the pvoutput data uploader if you don’t enter either consumption or production. I have spoken with the maintainer of PVOutput and he says that it is fine to upload just extended parameters from a source as long as there is another source for consumption and/or production. I have separate measurements of production and consumption (which already upload to pvoutput) and just want to use Iotawatt to upload the extended parameters. Thanks for your consideration!

The PVoutput documentation says otherwise:

The PVoutput uploader was designed with the intention of being the only entity uploading status to any particular site.

I can understand the desire to use a simple and relatively free service as a cloud database, but you IMO you would be better served with something like Emoncms.org in the long run. For seven feeds, I think it would be less expensive than PVoutput donator.

Okay, whatever you want - it’s your product. Just to be clear, regardless of documentation the owner/maintainer of pvoutput just told me that as long as there is consumption and/or production data from SOME source, any other source can upload extended data. And since I just spent $1000 on your products, cost savings isn’t really my motivating factor. Have a great day!

Nice, pack it all up and send it back for a refund. I’m not in it for the money. Have a great day.